Genesis Premium Gas Range

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Why is the Genesis Range so good?

At the heart of every Weber gas barbecue is a unique burner system found on no other barbecue in the world. It’s this unique, revolutionary and patented Flavorizer system that distinguishes our barbecues from all the others. Specially angled Flavorizer bars form a roof over the gas burner tubes so that no meat juice or fat comes in contact with the gas flame.

Amongst our staff at Weber New Zealand these Genesis barbecues are undoubtedly the favourite. And it’s not the stainless steel studs. It’s the cooking. Yes it’s the cooking that’s won us all over. And it’s the cooking that makes this barbecue, with its front-to-back stainless steel burners, a real stand out. It’s just a magic cooker!

Porcelain enamel lid

Flavourizer bar system

Unique Gas gauge

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